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Taking an organization beyond

Ability Beyond, an esteemed organization serving people with disabilities, was at a turning point in their 60-year history. Facilitated by a significant grant from New York State, SandorMax created a website that transformed them from service provider to recognized thought leader guiding social service organizations nationwide.


Website design
Website development
Brand refresh
Content creation




Creating a website that serves each distinct audiences well was at the heart of our design concept. From family members in need of urgent assistance to organizations looking for expert guidance, the new website engages and serves each audience clearly and efficiently. Taking raw content from the client’s multidisciplinary program teams and transforming it into an interactive resource center was another key challenge.


Our uplifting design concept strikes a balance between the warmth and humanity of their mission and the industry stature of the organization at large. The overarching concept of “going beyond” is reflected in the content voice and supportive photography throughout the website.


We developed a comprehensive website with several hundred pages and a robust resource center with member content automation. In addition to a complete brand refresh and positioning direction, we created all content for the website including copywriting, photography and video. We developed an integrated fundraising platform, job boards and service applications to streamline processes and better serve all audiences.


Membership, fundraising, volunteerism, recruiting and corporate support have improved exponentially since launch. The website ultimately exceeded the expectations of the grant mandate and successfully positioned Ability Beyond as a thought leader delivering innovative resources to industry peers.

“SandorMax has proven to be a trusted advisor that can be counted on every step of the way. They embrace each project with enthusiasm and a true passion for helping their clients achieve their goals.”

Kim Bragoli
Director Marketing and Communications
Ability Beyond

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