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This first of its kind website was guided by the vision that seniors would benefit from a virtual hub to support, educate and inspire. Age Well CT was launched as the official website for resources, education, news and events that would directly improve quality of life for the senior community. SandorMax guided a collaboration of stakeholders, including the Age Well Community Council of Danbury, CT Community Care, other grantor foundations, regional municipalities and community partners to ensure the best outcome for this important initiative.


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With a perfect storm of unprecedented growth of the state’s senior population and advances in online access for that demographic, the website presented an opportunity to create a virtual hub for the senior community. A key challenge was to leverage and organize the vast information and resources available to seniors in an intuitive categorical hierarchy or “folksonomy”. Another challenge was to develop a scalable website that would launch on a regional level and ultimately evolve to encompass the entire state of Connecticut.


Our design is a strong departure from the stereotypical depiction of aging. The website design and content is aspirational and optimistic and reflects the individualism, depth and value of senior life, while defying negative stereotypes.


We created a lively and informative editorial style for the website which organizes the vast information, resources, news, events and research into a clear navigational flow that encourages exploration, enlightenment and inspiration. Our design and technology platform were developed to evolve and expand as more municipal partners come on board, serving even more seniors with this groundbreaking resource.


In addition to design and development, SandorMax devised the editorial plan and developed content for the entire site. This first of its kind website devoted to senior empowerment has already been heralded for its straightforward user interface and contextual content hierarchy, and has been cited as a best practice example by “No Wrong Door” initiatives throughout the state. Several municipalities and foundation partners have joined the initiative, which is well positioned to expand statewide.

“Our experience with SandorMax exceeds expectations. Our project involved multiple organizations and stakeholders. The SandorMax team invested a great deal upfront to understand not only the scope and detail of our project but the values, vision and priorities of all involved. The project stayed on track and the outcome is a website we love.”

Sherry Ostrout
Director, Government Initiatives
Connecticut Community Care

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