Engaging a new generation of activists

Engaging a new generation of activists

SandorMax created a new brand identity for this inspiring organization dedicated to civil rights and social justice. Andrew Goodman was a young civil rights volunteer who joined the Freedom Summer voter registration project in 1964, and was tragically murdered by the Ku Klux Klan. That moment in history became a catalyst for the nation.


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How do we inspire a new generation of activists? Our challenge was to create a brand identity for the foundation that would connect and resonate with college students and thus inspire activism for a new civil rights landscape. We also partnered with the foundation to create a marketing strategy that would propel a past era of activism to a present-day context for social engagement.


To honor Andrew Goodman, and inspire a new generation of activists, we set out to reflect his spirit by creating a timeless illustration of his likeness. The illustration embodies the organization’s heroic roots and ideals while the contemporary treatment and fresh color palette advance their mission well into the future.


We created an energetic and iconic brand identity that embodies Andrew’s heroism while feeling familiar and inspirational to young individuals. The brand has been successfully extended across all media to support a robust outreach plan. To build upon the new identity, we developed a strategic marketing plan for the foundation to reach and activate young supporters through grassroots channels and social media and encourage them to  “unleash their inner hero”.




The brand identity and marketing plan have inspired and activated a new generation of social activists to carry out his core belief in civic engagement and social justice. The foundation’s “Vote Everywhere” program has grown to encompass student ambassadors in 20 states and 43 campuses – and growing. The marketing program we developed has served as a springboard to carry Andrew Goodman’s vision and spirit for social justice well into the future.

“SandorMax made a big contribution to the early development of the Andrew Goodman Foundation, especially our logo – which remains a mainstay of our visual identity. It continues to grow the programs and the vision that will honor and leverage Andy’s legacy.”

Sylvia Golbin-Goldman
Executive Director
Andrew Goodman Foundation

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