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The Peter and Carmen Lucia Buck Foundation and the City of Danbury came to SandorMax to help advance the progressive initiatives of the Danbury Aging in Place Council and the city to improve the quality of life for the region’s senior community. We partnered to develop this first of its kind online resource hub that supports Danbury as a livable community where seniors can stay active, engaged, and healthy.


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A key challenge was to create a highly complex website with a super-friendly user interface and clear content hierarchy to support the senior audience. We also partnered with our client to define and organize the many categories of critical resources and information to best serve the target audience, while fulfilling the multifaceted requirements of the grantor, the city and other stakeholders.


The lively, approachable design promotes a sense of community, with event photos and friendly content that connects with those who are homebound or otherwise unable to physically connect within their community. Our concept was to create a clear and simple to navigate website that gets people to the information they need quickly, while promoting discovery and exploration.


The website is powered by a robust database of resources for seniors that encompasses hundreds of business listings, community events and relevant news streams. The user-friendly solution incorporates clear navigation, large icons, embedded video and font resizing to most effectively serve the needs of the senior audience. The responsive platform we developed ensures seamless access across all mobile and tablet devices. Due to the success of this initiative, the Foundation is planning to use this website as a model for rolling out a larger regional website to generate sustainable changes for livable communities across Connecticut.


The new website has put Danbury on the map as being on the forefront of creating an age-friendly community. In fact, the Danbury Seniors website was cited by the State as an innovation and best practice example for creating Livable Communities. The Connecticut Legislative Commission on Aging, a nonpartisan think tank for issues concerning the State’s older population, has highlighted the website as “a successful initiative to create thriving places for people to grow up and grow older”.

“The board was VERY pleased with the Danbury Seniors website, the expertise and professionalism you have provided to the team. SandorMax was definitely the right choice for this project, and we will always give you glowing recommendations!”

June Renzulli

Program Officer
The Peter and Carmen Lucia Buck Foundation

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