A fresh brand for an established organization

Support throughout the Circle of Life

SandorMax partnered with Emunah of America to create a reinvigorated brand identity and new organizational website. The mission of this New York City based nonprofit is to support social services and education in Israel for individuals, from infants through seniors. Emunah was ready to embark on a new path to better tell their story of support throughout the Circle of Life and put a human face to their outstanding accomplishments.


Website design
Website development
Online Fundraising
Event Managment




Our key challenge was to connect with and activate a new generation of supporters and better explain the mission of Emunah and the vital services it provides. The organization had reached a plateau with their past outreach methods and traditional channels of support. SandorMax was brought on board to help strategize their brand direction and convey the organization’s value and broad program areas in a memorable and impactful way.


Our goal was to create a fresh and memorable brand identity that would cultivate and energize a younger generation of supporters. Retaining the essence of the candle logo, we modernized the iconic symbol with a bold silhouette and vibrant color palette. To carry the branding to the next level, photography and imagery throughout the website is warm, friendly and lively to reflect the life-changing work of the organization and boost call to action – be it fundraising, volunteering or event participation.


We designed and developed a powerful website as the core of the organization’s marketing program. The website conveys their mission and the value of their programs in a clear and compelling way. Visitors are engaged and activated to get involved with clear navigation and prominent calls to action. With seamless fundraising integration, e-commerce and event management, the new website has become the engine of fundraising campaigns.


The new branding and website have been successful in presenting a bold, contemporary face to the organization that better reflects the life-changing work that Emunah makes possible. A new generation of avid support has been activated as a direct result of the branding and uplifting and engaging website that has become the centerpiece of the organization’s marketing and fundraising campaigns.

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