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Ridgefield. Where it all happens.

Ridgefield, Connecticut can be described as the perfect mix of a classic New England town with the sophisticated cultural offerings of a big city. From renowned museums, art galleries, and theaters to fabulous restaurants and sophisticated local shops, this charming town is a hidden gem. What was lacking was a platform to showcase and create awareness for the town both as an ideal destination and place to live.

SandorMax was chosen by a group of civic-minded Ridgefielders to develop and lead the inRidgefield initiative. The website, along with new branding and a comprehensive marketing strategy, was developed by SandorMax with the support of local business leaders and philanthropists. The initiative widely broadcasts the story of Ridgefield, to attract new visitors and residents and engage current residents to support a healthy, diverse community and economy.


Brand Identity
Website Design & Development
Marketing Strategy
Content Creation
Social Media
Ad Campaigns
Public Relations




The key challenge of this initiative was to unite and guide disparate business, governmental, community, and cultural groups within the town to create a unified marketing and public relations platform that would benefit all. Buy-in by all parties was vital to unify marketing efforts, streamline promotional processes, and promote the town more effectively. SandorMax spearheaded this public-private partnership to create a vibrant brand and comprehensive marketing strategy for the town.



SandorMax devised a clear and actionable plan to educate and enlist all relevant groups, secure buy-in, and pave the way for a unified marketing strategy. We facilitated focus groups, community open houses, and conceptual presentations with town leaders, cultural organizations, and the business community to garner insights and ensure synergy and support for the initiative. 

From there we created the name, brand identity, marketing strategy, and the website platform that serves as the core of the promotional outreach. Once launched, we developed marketing outreach campaigns, public relations, sponsorship plan, and ongoing content creation strategy to ensure the ongoing sustainability of inRidgefield.


Our process began with the development of a unique and bold brand identity for the inRidgefield initiative. We created a fresh new brand and promotional campaign that would position Ridgefield as a go-to cultural destination. The tagline “Where it all happens” shines a light on the exceptional arts, culture, entertainment that make the town a great destination as well as an unparalleled lifestyle for residents. The website extends the brand with a sophisticated, interactive user experience that spotlights compelling, fresh content that broadcasts the Ridgefield story.


The inRidgefield initiative widely promotes the town through state of the art digital marketing, social media, and a robust website platform. The website is the heart of the initiative and showcases Ridgefield as a great place to visit and a wonderful place to live. Fresh content in the form of blogging, travel itineraries, a plethora of things to do, interviews, videos, and calendar of daily cultural events clearly convey the vibrancy of this community. The website and promotional strategy attract regional and wider visitors to explore Ridgefield with the goal of boosting attendance at cultural assets, dining, shopping local – and improving the economic health of the community.


Since its launch, the inRidgefield website has successfully integrated the town’s disparate marketing efforts into one comprehensive and highly effective platform. The website has become the go-to information source for both visitors and residents to discover what is happening in town. Our promotional campaigns and social media engagement has helped to increase visits, reach, awareness, followers, and town participation. SandorMax is excited to be continuing our partnership with the inRidgefield team as chief editor, creating valuable content to continue the growth and success of the initiative.

Top photo credit: Sol Lewitt: Wall drawing #1123, Planes with broken bands of color, 2004, Courtesy of the artist, The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum

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