Museum Exhibit Designed by SandorMax Wins Three Top Awards

Washington Museum Exhibit design

SandorMax is proud to announce that the museum exhibit designed by our agency, “Washington Connecticut – An American Story” has been awarded three prestigious awards. The museum exhibit is the most comprehensive overview of the history of Washington, Connecticut to date, including interactive digital components throughout the exhibit.

From start to finish, SandorMax worked closely  with the Gunn Historical Museum’s Curator, Stephen Bartkus, and the exhibit committee for several months to make the museum exhibit come to life. From introducing a strategy, to branding, exhibit and digital design, as well as materials sourcing and installation of the exhibit, SandorMax was able to convey the history of one town of Washington as a wider American experience for all through approachable stories that would be relatable for all the exhibit’s visitors.

The awards for “Washington Connecticut – An American Story” include the American Association for State and Local History’s 2020 Award of Excellence, the Connecticut League of History Organizations 2020 Award of Merit, and Graphic Design USA’s 2019 American Graphic Design Award.

The museum exhibit has also been described as “Object rich, thoughtfully thematic – a feast for the mind and eye and a stellar demonstration of why local history is living history” by William Hosley, Museum consultant, former Executive Director New Haven Museum and Connecticut Landmarks.

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Award details follow:

2020 Award of Excellence from the American Association for State and Local History                       

The AASLH Leadership in History Awards, now in its 75th year, is the nation’s most prestigious competition for recognition of achievement in state and local history. The AASLH awards program was initiated in 1945 to establish and encourage standards of excellence in the collection, preservation, and interpretation of state and local history throughout the United States, and the winners represent the best in the field. By publicly recognizing superior and innovative achievements, the Leadership in History Award winners serve as models and inspiration for others in the field.

2020 Award of Merit from the Connecticut League of History Organizations                         

The Connecticut League of History Organizations presents Awards of Merit to institutions and individuals who demonstrate the highest of professional standards, and who enhance and further the understanding of Connecticut history. The purpose of the Awards of Merit is to recognize the care, thought and effort invested in these contributions and to inspire and encourage others by acknowledging exceptional contributions to state and local history. The mere fulfillment of routine functions does not justify an award. Action over and above the ordinary call of duty is prerequisite for an Award of Merit. The CLHO Awards Committee said they were “impressed with the Gunn Museum’s well-developed research process and involvement of the community in formulating the exhibition’s content. The result was a thoughtful, comprehensive history of the town of Washington that connected this one place with the larger American story in meaningful ways.”

2019 American Graphic Design Award from Graphic Design USA                                                                 

Graphic Design USA (GDUSA) is a leading organization for the design industry whose mission is to identify and showcase best practices and exemplary design in all forms. Headquartered on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, GDUSA highlights organizations who have demonstrated design excellence on a national level. Since 1963, they have sponsored competitions that spotlight areas of excellence for creative professionals, honoring outstanding work of all kinds and across all media. Their competitions focus on the many ways that graphic design shapes business and society, commerce, culture, and causes. Of the 10,000 entries submitted in 2019, a highly selective 10% were chosen as a winner. The Gunn Historical Museum’s exhibit Washington Connecticut – An American Story, created by design agency SandorMax, was awarded the 2019 GDUSA Design Award for Exhibit Design excellence.



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