Activating the rare disease community

Reflecting the innovation and optimism of “rare”

Working as NORD’s agency of record for close to a decade, SandorMax has been responsible for transforming the organization’s identity, honing its marketing direction and boosting its educational outreach. From a complete brand identity and marketing overhaul to outreach campaigns and multiple websites, we have partnered with this preeminent national organization to grow and activate their communities.


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How do you create campaigns and web assets that can unite and support disparate audiences while enforcing a consistent brand presence? We approached that challenge by creating a bold brand identity with audience-focused content, color palette and messaging applied throughout all collateral and websites to reflect NORD’s innovation and optimism.


The overarching concept that runs throughout all communications we developed was the patient-focused “I am one in ten” mantra that put the focus on the individual face of rare diseases. We created messaging for all content and a bold visual identity that energized the rare disease community with a goal of a hopeful future that mobilized research, advocacy and legislation to expedite rare disease treatment.


The heart of NORD’s marketing and educational outreach is a robust website that serves each audience persona clearly and effectively. We worked closely with the NORD team to develop the content hierarchy and clear calls to action throughout the website, integrating a map-based advocacy platform and a database with over 2,000 disease-specific reports. We developed a customized content management platform which ensures seamless publishing workflow by NORD staff. Automated persona-oriented content such as news, event and resource streams, create a dynamic website that has become the preeminent resource for the rare disease patients, researchers and clinicians.


NORD’s brand identity and related campaigns have been instrumental in catapulting the organization’s voice and reach, with robust increases in fundraising, advocacy and global partnerships. The website results have been remarkable, with millions of visitors each month connecting, engaging and being served.

The NORD website won the American Web Design Award in 2015 and the new brand identity was published in Logolicous – Collection of the Best Logos from Around the Globe.


“Our communications team at NORD has worked with SandorMax since 2009. They bring their finest effort to every project. Their work is creative, on time and within budget. Even more important is the fact that they have taken the time to get to know our organization and the environment in which we work. They are our advisers and trusted guides as we seek to convey, in an increasingly crowded landscape, what is unique and wonderful about NORD.”

Mary Dunkle
Vice President of Marketing Communications & Educational Initiatives
National Organization for Rare Disorders

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